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How Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Business

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

What is your customer’s first impression of your facility? What is the first thing that they see when they pull into the parking lot? If they see brown spots all over your grass, they might think slightly less of the way you keep things maintained. A nice, green lawn provides a happy, welcoming first glance at the way you present yourself as a business.

Now, if you have pets at your business, you probably already know that will never be the case; and even if you don’t, the cost of mowing, fertilizer programs, sprinkler maintenance, summer water bills… EEK!! Need I go on? What if there was a way you could have a gorgeous artificial lawn without any of those problems? SYNLawn artificial grass can help!

If you make the choice to enhance your commercial property with SYNLawn synthetic turf, your customer’s will be beyond impressed. As the largest manufacturer of synthetic turf grass, SYNLawn artificial grass products are the most technologically advanced grasses produced anywhere. They are durable, long-lasting and most importantly, they look just like real grass!

Now serving all of Northeast Ohio, SYNLawn synthetic grass can be the solution for you.



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