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Landscaping Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Residential and  commercial decorative outdoor landscape lighting is our specialty. Proudly servicing Canton, Akron and surrounding Ohio areas. Bluegrass will highlight  structures, trees, and landscaping with dramatic night time illumination. With  their professional lighting design team they excel in integrating low voltage  into your environment.

Many homeowners spend hours laboring to create an attractive yard, or they pay an appreciable amount for someone else’s help and expertise.  Either way, you’ve invested in your yard, and leaving it invisible and forgotten half the time is simply a waste.  Gentle ground lights can reveal paths and bushes, while focused spotlights or the dispersed light of hanging lanterns can focus attention on prominent features like trees or sculptures.  Your overall lighting arrangement will let your guests see all the time and thought you’ve put into decorating, organizing, and maintenance.

Illuminating landscape and architectural features adds beauty, safety, and security to your property. In today’s hectic lifestyle many of us are unable to enjoy our homes during the day. The perfect lighting design plan will enable you to extend your enjoyment of the landscape well into the evening.

The high-quality fixtures we use, combined with our design and installation practices, increase the longevity and effect of your lighting project. At Bluegrass Inc. we use only the finest, most durable fixtures and lighting products in the nation. Lighting is Subjective, the best design starts with location and customer preferences. We interview our potential customers to learn their lighting objectives to ensure we meet their needs and expectations. Whether you want rustic outdoor, pond, or deck lighting, we can design a landscape lighting plan for you.

If you’ve considered installing outdoor lighting but just haven’t gotten around to it, you’re really limiting your yard’s potential and cheating yourself out of an exciting decorating opportunity. Besides serving all kinds of practical purposes, landscape lighting can be fun, stylish, and tasteful.

Lighting is both an art and a science. At Bluegrass Inc. we blend these talents to create amazing effects.

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