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Bluegrass Incorporated Helps NE Ohio Enjoy Fall Outdoors with Beautiful Patios and Backyard Firepits

The temperatures outside are slowly dropping, and you’re excited for the cool autumn to bring the scent of backyard fires and the sounds of crunching leaves. As you gaze out of your window, you’re disappointed at your backyard’s lack of accommodations for such festivities. You don’t have to go dig a hole in your yard for the fire; you can call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated. We will create the backyard of your dreams so that you can just take your mulled cider and walk to the firepit on your patio anytime you want.

Your home is your safe space, and it’s supposed to create a comfort level that makes you feel protected and relaxed. We provide custom landscaping to provide you with that kind of oasis. As you’re looking out of your window, imagine a gorgeous stone patio that reaches from your back sliding door to about 20 feet out. Then imagine a low stone wall surrounding it with a firepit in the middle. To the left, there is an outdoor kitchen. You can put your drinks on the countertop and cook on the grill for gatherings with friends and family.

Outside of that, you feel peace with the soft landscape lighting that surrounds your property. You never find it muddy or in disarray because you had us install synthetic grass. No one even suspects, because it looks and feels so natural. They just think that you spend a ton of time keeping your property well-manicured. You love that you can have your dogs outside with you with the invisible pet fence we installed, and even the kids love being outside with the adults at parties. You know they’re all safe with the padded playground turf that you installed under the playset.

Everyone wonders how you got everything to look so perfect and say that they would not like having to deal with so many companies separately. One for the pet fence. One for the lighting. One for the firepit. One for the pond with a waterfall. One for the outdoor kitchen. One for the masonry for the patio. You smile and shake your head knowingly. All you did was call one company, and we did everything you could ask for here at Bluegrass.

They don’t even realize how little yard work you do anymore. Season changes with falling leaves and brown spots on the grass is a thing of the past. No more holes dug in the lawn from the dogs or wiping mud from their paws with the synthetic grass. You don’t need lawn equipment anymore, so you save money and time. You’ve never been so relaxed in your life.

Next year, you’re even considering having us install a swimming pool. You want your children to have memories splashing around with friends at midnight during slumber parties. You want to be able to take a dip before bed on hot summer nights. You’ll never have to wonder where the kids are during a birthday party. They’re all in the pool. We install composite fiberglass in-ground swimming pools that are designed and built with integrity and state of the art technology.

If you prefer to keep your own grass, we can help make maintenance as easy as possible as well. We have been established in the irrigation industry since 1964. That’s almost 60 years of keeping lawns healthy and homeowners’ lives easy.

We can help you design your dream home right where you already live. You don’t have to look for a new house, talk to the bank, pack your belongings, find a mover, or see if people will help. If you love your neighborhood and the layout of your home, don’t uproot yourself and your family. Just call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated!

Bluegrass Incorporated

4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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