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“We just want to thank you for the great job on our landscape lighting. The house looks more beautiful at night. I wish we could sit out there and look at it all night. The neighbors might think I am nuts. We are looking forward to additional lighting next year.”

Sharon S.

“You guys do a great job! It’s great to see a company provide such good service!”

Joe T.

“Bluegrass, Your service technicians were incredible! While they were here, my 4 year old son went to the neighbors house without telling me. I was frantic. Your technicians stopped to help me look for him and were extremely wonderful! I can’t say enough on how appreciative i am for them! Please give them our thanks.”

Susan M.

“TJ, Just a note to say thank you very much for the wonderful job you and your team did on our lighting and sprinkler system project. It’s a breath of fresh air to deal with an organization that “delivers on time, on budget” and “follows up” immediately afterwards to handle the little issues that usually pop-up on this type of project. Please feel free to use Patti or me as a reference in the future. Also, please thank your wife Tonya for the “take care of the customer attitude” when we called on a few minor problems. You and your company are a true asset to out Canton community! We wish you nothing but continued success!”

Stephen C.

“It was our pleasure to deal with well-trained, knowledgeable and customer-oriented employers and employees. Would not hesitate to recommend Bluegrass to prospective customers.”

Ted E.

“Everyone was very nice and the house looks great! We were treated like everyone should be treated.”

Jill E.

“Bluegrass, Exceptional service by all members of your staff. Thanks for continuing to give 150% effort in making our landscape picture perfect!”

Jeffery K.

“One of the very FEW corporation’s that realize the importance and value of “Customer Service!”

Tonya M.

“We are always pleased with your company and we have referred you to many of our neighbors.”

Rick E.

“We are extremely pleased with the installation and the fact that the job was completed in one day. Workers were very courteous and answered any concerns or questions that I had. Your staff (including the office) has always been very professional and all follow-up visits have been very timely.”

Stephen M.

“TJ and Tonya, You do a great job. I appreciate your professionalism and prompt service. I like your seasonal letters and communiques. Keep up the good work!”

Mike R.

“Bluegrass, I was very impressed with the service technicians that installed our irrigation system. All of them were very professional. We called to have some sprinkler heads adjusted and the service technician that came out was very patient with me and took the time to answer all of my questions. I was again very impressed. I will highly recommend your company!”


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