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Celebrate 30 Years of Custom Landscaping Design & Installation With us Here at Bluegrass Incorporated

We’re celebrating 30 years of serving your landscaping needs here at Bluegrass Incorporated! That’s right…you’re the whole reason we get up in the morning and find new ways to be creative. We want you to know that we appreciate you, so check out our latest newsletter for deals this coming spring. We even have a limited time offer of $250 off any new installation when you spend at least $2,500. That’s hard to beat with spring being the most popular time of year to invest in outdoor home improvements, like custom landscape design, fiberglass pools, synthetic grass, landscape lighting, permanent exterior lighting, water features, automatic screens, putting greens, and so much more.


We started by changing one yard at a time…

There is no limit to how we can help you improve your curb appeal, property value, and the intensity of your smile when you turn into your driveway. We started out 30 years ago installing sprinkler systems and landscape lighting but have expanded to offer custom landscaping design with everything from firepits to pavilions.


Our irrigation systems are top of the line. Whether you’re upgrading the state of your residential or commercial landscaping, this is where every visitor gets their first impression of you. You don’t have to be concerned about the placement of the sprinkler heads. You just make the phone call, and we do the rest. We listen to your desires to map out the layout that best suits your lawn’s needs, following guidelines provided by the National Irrigation Association. We have perfected our irrigation system installation and tweaked it to deliver the optimal amount of water to balance cost and beauty.


Landscape lighting is another tried and true product that we’ve been offering since the beginning. It not only highlights beautiful structures for a dramatic night view, but it also adds safety and security. Perhaps you love strolling around your well-manicured property, we help make it more pleasant without all the bright flood lighting. During your walk in the subtle glow of evening, you can breathe easy knowing that we use only the most durable products with low energy usage.


Now we are the only phone call necessary for everything outdoors…


Over the years, we realized that we could better suit all our customers’ needs by being able to offer every component of the plans that we design. When it comes to lighting, we’ve added holiday and event lighting so that you can be ready for any time of year. That includes EverLights permanent lighting. You can choose from hundreds of color and style combos with the touch of a button all year long.


We’ve added so much more than just the basics, because we want to be a comprehensive landscaping company. When we visit for a free estimate, we can deliver a complete package. We can now do so by being able to install every element that we suggest, from firepits and gazebos to synthetic grass and ponds with waterfalls.


Are you tired of all the hours that you spend maintaining your lawn taking away from the fun you could be having with your family? If you’ve started to dread the weekends in the summer because of mowing and trimming, call us for artificial turf. It’s not just for sports arenas. It’s to make your life better. You’ll save not only time but money, too. You won’t need to buy fuel and oil or replace any lawn equipment. And guess what?! You won’t have to water anything either! It's pet- and kid-friendly, offering easy cleanup and a non-abrasive, non-allergenic surface to ease allergies. It drains water at an astonishing rate to prevent mud from being tracked through the house when it rains, and our playground surface is attenuated for falls up to 10 feet. It’s perfect for the entire family.


If you have a specific project or thought in mind, just give us a call at 330.492.8733 and let us know what you’re thinking. We can do so much to beautify your yard. Odds are we have exactly the experience, service, and products for which you’re looking. You can also visit our website for more information or to contact us.


Bluegrass Incorporated

4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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