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Automatic Screens

At Bluegrass Incorporated, we don’t just say we install the best screens in the world, we’ll prove it to you every time you use our screens.  

  • Headache-Free

  • Quiet

  • Use In Any Condition

  • Built To Last

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Strong As You Need It To Be

  • Save Money

  • Mobile App Control (option)

  • Custom Screens


  1. How long does it take to get screens? Fenetex typically ships your order to the installing dealer within 4 weeks of receipt of an order.

  2. How much do they cost? There is no such thing as a cheap retractable screen because even the lowest cost ones can seem expensive.  Fenetex falls into the best value category.  We say this because our prices are about 10-15% more than the least expensive options and 10-15% less than the most expensive options. There are a lot of advantages to be gained by spending the extra 10-15% we charge over the budget screens, but nothing to be gained by spending more. The best way to get pricing is to contact us so we can get you in touch with a qualified expert to assist you with your needs.

  3. Can I DIY? You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very skilled, have lots of tools, and have some strong friends and the ability to receive shipments from a semi-truck.

  4. Is your warranty really a lifetime warranty? Yes. Please see the full warranty for all the details.

  5. How long will the screens last? We built our first hurricane screens in 2007, and many of these screens are still being used today. We are not aware of any screen systems that are no longer serviceable due to age.  Sure, some screens or components have had to be replaced or repaired over the years due to wear and tear from things like prolonged sun exposure, prolonged use as a wind break, or simple neglect. These kinds of things aren’t manufacturing defects, so they are not covered by the warranty. However, if a screen is repairable, we make repairs and provide parts at reasonable costs.

  6. Is your warranty Prorated? No

  7. Do you use magnets in your tracks? No, Fenetex was the first company to develop adjustable screen tracks. Our patent uses springs because this is the preferred method for creating even tension in a screen and the costs are much lower. Magnets came later as others tried to create a way around our patent, but magnets don’t have the benefits of springs like predictable tension levels, quiet operation, and lower cost.

  8. Do your screens make noise when its windy? No, Fenetex screens are nearly silent even in very strong winds. We were one of the first companies to manufacture fabric hurricane shutters and our early customers loved how quiet our shutters were, so they started using them all the time for shade, insect, and wind control. Today, everything in our line is still quiet, even in very windy conditions.

  9. Can a fabric screen really protect from hurricanes? Yes, the fabric that we use is very strong - stronger than steel by weight, actually. We use the same kind of advanced fibers that are used in bullet proof vests giving our hurricane screens the same level of strength as a high-quality aluminum roll shutter.

  10. Are your screens fire rated? Yes, everything we make has an FR rating which means that it won’t burn; it will char when exposed to an open flame, but it won’t catch fire. This is an important safety consideration that should not be overlooked but sadly often is.

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