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Enjoy fall and winter with a new patio and custom landscaping from Bluegrass Incorporated

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

There’s plenty of nice weather left in the year even though the kids have gone back to school and retail stores have released their fall product lines. Your mind may be tricked into thinking it will be cold soon, but here at Bluegrass Incorporated, we want to add value to your home while you fall back in love with it as you get ready for fall. Our professional landscape design brings your idea of a personal oasis to life right where you already live.

Have you imagined being able to take a midnight dip in your pool on a beautiful summer evening or stroll through your softly lit backyard to practice your short game on your custom putting green? Maybe you want to be able to sit on your deck and enjoy the sounds of the water trickling from your waterfall into the pond. Whether you want low-maintenance synthetic grass that saves you time and money, or you want to keep your yard lush and green with an irrigation system, we have all that you need to beautify your home.

How about a new custom designed patio?

You love all the different styles of patios that you’ve seen. You can’t pick just one but don’t feel like you are creative enough to put it all into one design that will complement your backyard. You can rely on us here at Bluegrass with our nearly 30 years’ experience in the landscaping industry. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen so you can be confident that the numerous suggestions we have will be in your best interest, from cost to space accommodation.

How about a circular stone patio with a gorgeous wooden pergola under which you and your friends can sit and visit while sipping your favorite beverage? We base the design on your requirements, as well as the layout of the existing space. We can install a personalized irrigation system to keep your grass green; however, we can also make it more pet-friendly with artificial turf that prevents your dogs from digging holes in it and their urine from causing brown spots. We also install the perfect playground surface with a padded backing to minimize injuries.

Additionally, we can install landscape lighting around the walkway, which serves multiple purposes. Not only does it create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, but it also provides security and extends the time that you can spend outdoors enjoying your pond. If you want full use of your backyard and the possibility of having your pets join you and the family, we install safe and effective underground pet fencing. We even offer low-stress training for your dog so that they can get used to their newfound freedom.

How about a pool?

Now that everyone is outside, why not add an element of paradise with a composite fiberglass swimming pool. You can create the best memories while splashing around with the ones you love. Friends will prefer holidays at your house, and your kids will prefer staying home instead of going out. That’s the way it should be! We can help you create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime with a pool designed to suit your needs.

No job or idea is too small or too big, and we would love to bring your imagination to life. Here at Bluegrass, we can help you take advantage of every single inch of your yard with everything from landscape and holiday lighting to swimming pools and custom landscape designs. We can help improve your property value, add curb appeal, and ensure that you can make the most of your time at home.

Bluegrass Incorporated

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