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Call Bluegrass for Relaxing Summer Nights with Affordable Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Summer is here. The kids are off school. You don’t want summer days to end with their warm breezes and the hot sun making you feel at peace. To make it continue into the night, you sit out on your back patio listening to the trickling water in your pond, while the soft glow of the lights illuminates your stone path. You’re so happy that you relied on Bluegrass Incorporated to help you create a backyard oasis in which you can enjoy entertaining friends and family, as well as a morning cup of coffee or evening with a glass of wine when you want to be alone. 


Landscape lighting to improve your home’s beauty


We specialize in helping you create your glorious outdoor retreat. One of the items that will highlight everything that we’ve installed is residential landscape lighting. It’s the key to dramatic nighttime illumination, but it’s energy efficient with its low voltage. They can help onlookers focus their attention on the beautiful parts of your home, like sculptures or your blooming flower beds.


Think about how often you love to take a dip in the pool at night then imagine not having to turn on the overhead spotlight because you have deck lighting that’s gentle. You may want rustic lighting around the pond or by the grape arbor. We make it look stylish and tasteful. Landscape lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, from hanging lanterns to gentle ground lights lining a pathway.


 Improving your Home’s Safety


One of the other benefits to landscape lighting is the safety that it provides. No one wants to walk up the front walk to open their front door when it’s completely dark. You’ll feel significantly more secure if it’s lit up. Lights will also prevent you from tripping on something that you otherwise would not have seen without the lights.


Our design team looks at the size and shape of the space into which you would like your new lighting to be installed. Taking into consideration the items that you want highlighted, they create and install an efficient layout. Do you want your beautifully trimmed shrubbery lit as dusk settles over your home? Maybe you want your yard statues and décor bathed in soft lighting. We customize our ideas to your desires. In addition to our installation practices, the products that we use offer the most durable, yet stunning, results.


Landscape lights don’t use as much energy as you would think either. They use little to no electricity while they’re improving your home’s value and aesthetic. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient on the market, are long lasting, and lessen your environmental impact. They consume about 75% less energy than conventional bulbs and guess how long they’ll last? About 25 times longer! That means that they are also less maintenance. You won’t have to change them as often. They also contain no toxic elements and have no specific recycling requirements. They are the greener and more cost-effective lighting solution.


When you want to transform the look of your home, you can invest in the simple addition of landscape lighting. You’ll be amazed how a gentle light behind your blooming azalea can enhance the entire aesthetic of your home or how a hanging lantern can create an old-fashioned feel among the vines. There’s no limit to how you can improve your curb appeal and property value when you call us for design and installation. Extend those amazing summer days with Bluegrass. 

Bluegrass Incorporated

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