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Call Bluegrass for Permanent Lighting Displays That Help You Celebrate Every Day in NE Ohio

Do you love the beauty of lights hanging from your eaves that help you celebrate holidays throughout the year? Do you love it enough to bust out the ladder and take down Christmas lights to put up pink lights for Valentine’s Day? Then take those down and hang green ones for St. Patrick’s Day. When you want fun, distinct lighting that lasts all year and is controlled by an app on any of your devices, you can call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated to install EverLights permanent holiday lighting displays.

Do you want to show your support every weekend for your favorite football team? EverLights is a patented sleek design with the most customizable system available, allowing you to design unique hanging light displays with up to 250 different color and brightness combinations at any time. They are built to last and will bring you, your family, and neighbors joy for years. All you have to do is call us here at Bluegrass at 330.492.8733 for the most festive holidays.

How can you customize your lights?

You’ve seen those holiday lighting displays set to music that go viral. That can be you with EverLights! You could also be the person that just puts orange lights on for Halloween and keeps it simple. Or you can be the person in between. EverLights are barely visible during the day so no one will question why you are leaving your lights up year-round.

You can schedule lighting sequences ahead of time through the calendar on your app so that you aren’t scrambling on your kid’s birthday to set up his favorite color and design. You can even tell each individual light what to do if that’s what you want! Set up a frowning face for when they get home from their friend’s house too late. There’s no limit to what you can do except your imagination.

Why choose EverLights?

Hanging your own lights can be fun, but it’s also dangerous. In the United States alone, over 500,000 people are treated in emergency rooms from injuries they received during the use of a ladder. That’s not even including the hundreds that die from ladder falls. As is true of many potential DIY projects, you can remain safe if you rely on the professionals who do the desired task nearly every day. They are more familiar with how to maneuver the electrical aspect and where to put power boosters, data buffers, and Y splits. We will know whether you need a Flush Mount or Edge Mount Channel, so leave the details to us here at Bluegrass and just enjoy the end result.

Who is Bluegrass?

We are a local landscaping company that has been serving Northeast Ohio for nearly 30 years and are proud to be second generation in the industry since 1964. Within two years of establishing ourselves, we were recognized as the largest irrigation installation and landscape lighting company in the region. We are a contractor on whom you can depend for everything from custom landscape design and artificial grass for play areas, putting greens, and backyards to swimming pool installation and pet fencing.

From permanent light displays to a home with landscaping that will make you smile as you pull into the driveway, we are here to make your outdoor living area your personalized comfort zone. Call 330.492.8733 today or visit us online for a free estimate.

Bluegrass Incorporated

4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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