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Call Bluegrass for a Summer Landscape Clean-Up to Beautify your Outdoor Living Space

Did you spend long spring weekends cleaning up the yard from winter only to have the storms wreck it again? You can call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated for a summer landscape clean-up to revitalize your outdoor living space. If you spend as much of your time outdoors as possible in the few warm months of Northeast Ohio, your backyard is your sanctuary. Tidying up and beautifying your area can provide you with a wide array of benefits — including giving you a sense of peace and comfort, improving how efficiently your outdoor environment works, and increasing your property value.

We not only think about you but also of your entire family. While you’re listening to the peaceful sounds of the water fountain or practicing your short game on your custom putting green, your kids can be safely playing on the playset that sits on top of the padded playground turf and your dog running freely on the pet-friendly turf designed to prevent brown spots and holes from digging. From permanent outdoor lighting and irrigation systems to swimming pools and water features, let us make your backyard your favorite place to relax.

What is a summer landscape clean-up?

We know that you’ve already completed all your spring projects to make your yard summer worthy, so why should you invest in a summer clean-up? Now that the plants are in full bloom and growing after pruning in the spring, you can see the shoots of the places that you missed or are growing erratically. Instead of letting them get out of control, let us help.

Your landscaping and flower beds will once again be appealing after we clear the fallen branches and other debris from the latest storm, trim the plants, and tidy the garden beds around your home and property. This will not only make you smile when you pull into the driveway but will also enhance your plant’s health by ensuring it can grow in a healthy manner and prevent pests and diseases from affecting your foliage. We are the perfect phone call to make if you don’t like weeding, too! We can make sure they don’t take over by getting rid of them now.

We mentioned improving how your outdoors functions. When your outdoor areas are organized, you and your guests can move safely around the property. You don’t want to worry about anyone tripping over overgrowth or getting poked in the eye when playing hide and seek. You’ll have plenty of space to set up the cornhole boards, croquet hoops, and badminton net.

Big and Small Details…

You spent lots of time, money, and energy having us create the gorgeous results of your custom landscaping. You made it so that you get the best everyday value. You have synthetic grass, so you don’t spend extra money on fuel, lawn equipment, fertilizer, or water. You save time by not having to mow, aerate, or trim, and your kids are safer. You won’t have to repair holes the dog dug or brown spots where they prefer to potty.

One of the best ways that you can enrich the splendor of your yard is to have us install landscape or permanent lighting. Low voltage LED landscape lighting not only consumes less electricity for better efficiency and longer lifespan of bulbs, but it also highlights your architecture and improves security and safety by illuminating paths and walkways. It also produces less heat and contains no hazardous materials.

We also install EverLights for a permanent outdoor lighting solution. You’ll be ready for every holiday with preset patterns, or you can create a design of your own. You can control individual lights for extreme customizable options. This allows you to design up to 250 combinations of color and brightness at any given time.

Beautiful, soft lighting may make you think of swimming on a warm evening. We can make that happen with a luxurious fiberglass pool that’s durable and low maintenance with a nonporous surface that helps reduce algae growth. You can pick the size, shape, and color that appeals to either your aesthetic or current landscaping. Your pool will even add to the energy efficiency of your home since the fiberglass reduces evaporation and retains heat efficiently to conserve water.

You’ll fall back in love with your home after relying on us here at Bluegrass to create an outdoor living sanctuary you’ll never want to leave. If you decide to sell your home, beautiful landscaping helps increase your property value and curb appeal, making for better offers and an increased return on your investment. Whether it’s for you or to impress potential buyers, you can’t go wrong with all that we can do to improve your home’s aesthetic here at Bluegrass Incorporated.

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