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Bluegrass Incorporated Helps Ohio Homes Survive Harsh Winters with Irrigation System Winterization

The arrival of fall puts you in the frame of mind that winter is right around the corner, and it’s time to check some of the tasks off the project list to get your home ready for the approaching subzero temperatures. You may love being outside in the chilly fall air, but you don’t love cleaning up the yard and property. You can call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated for fall landscape clean up that will help your lawn and flower beds survive the winter better than ever before, while making your spring projects so much easier.

Some of the more important things that you need to consider attending to is anything with fluid in it, including your irrigation system. Subzero temperatures last for months in Northeast Ohio, and your sprinklers need winterized so that no lines explode when the water freezes and expands. You could attempt to do it yourself, but if you make even one small error, it could lead to costly repairs of broken lines. Draining the water and insulating the irrigation system components is no small feat, but you can be sure that it’s done right when you call us here at Bluegrass.

Even the systems that maintain your lawn need maintained…

You have an irrigation system to make your life easier, and while you might have the time to water the lawn, you prefer to spend those moments with your family. We appreciate that, but every system needs its own maintenance at some point. The point is now for your sprinklers. Northeast Ohio has some harsh weather in the winter. When water freezes, it expands and can cause pipes to burst. To prevent costly damage from occurring, we remove the water from the system. It’s an essential process that allows it to make it through the winter without damage. We then insulate the parts that are above ground, such as exposed pipes, backflow preventers, and the main shut-off valve. We wrap them to reduce heat loss.

Make your fall clean up so much easier…

Do you have trees on your property that dump a plethora of leaves all over your lawn? One of the best things you can do for your decorative plants is to make sure the dead leaves are all cleaned up before the first snowfall. They deprive your grass and garden beds of the oxygen and sunlight that they need. It’s one of the reasons that brown patches appear and need tended to in the spring. Dead leaves also allow moisture to accumulate and can create fungus problems.

To prepare for winter, your lawn should be trimmed and cut lower than normal with a height of about three inches. You want to eliminate the potential for pests by removing dead branches from trees and bushes. Snow and ice that lay on hedges can cause irreparable damage, so trimming and shaping them before winter can help prevent that from occurring.

Adding certain fertilizers in the fall can help induce an optimal amount of spring growth. For instance, fall manure high in natural phosphorus helps the grass grow better when the snow melts in the spring. Adding fertilizer in the fall also helps prevent weeds from sprouting in the spring before you have a chance to stop them. Turning the mulch will help protect your plants by insulating them and keeping them moist and warm.

You want to hibernate throughout the winter and not have to worry about whether your lawn is incurring any harm. We can give you peace of mind with fall landscaping cleanup and irrigation system winterization. Winter doesn’t mean that you give up caring about how your home looks, so we help keep your curb appeal elevated by keeping everything as healthy as possible. Owning a home doesn’t come with a manual, so when you want your landscaping to last the winter and be beautiful in the spring with as little maintenance as possible, call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated.

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