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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Premium Swimming Pools Installed by Bluegrass

Upgrade your backyard with custom swimming pools from Bluegrass.

Your yard may be covered in mud from the persistent rain, but at least it’s warm outside. Spring is a combination of two different worlds that represent the arrival of spring…warm but rainy. You have stood at the kitchen window imagining the potential beauty of your yard and have landed on quite a few spring projects that will help prevent the dogs from strategically placing muddy prints everywhere in your house while creating a gorgeous outdoor oUpgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Premium Swimming Pools Installed by Bluegrassasis for the family to enjoy this summer.

If you have a result in mind of what you want your landscaping to resemble but aren’t sure how to go about making it happen, just call us here at Bluegrass Incorporated so that we can take all of your apprehension away. We are a custom landscaping company that has been helping communities throughout Northeast Ohio since 1994. Within two years, we were recognized as the largest irrigation installation and landscape lighting company in the area. We continued to grow by adding new services as we realized the various needs of our clients in the area. Whether you want synthetic grass, pet fencing, holiday lighting, a pond, a waterfall, a customized outdoor living space, or even pool installation, no job is too small or too big for us here at Bluegrass.

You say your backyard living area needs to be revamped?

Here at Bluegrass, we take our 30 years of experience and bring it to every project regardless of how big or small it is. Have you been dreaming of a perennial garden next to the brick patio? We got you! Have you imagined the gloriousness of synthetic grass installed with a pond in the corner of the fence and a pool on the other side? We can do that, too!

Everyone who receives a tax refund likes to use it in different ways. One person may plan the annual family vacation with it, but many people would rather invest in something that they can use every day. That’s where we come in! We can help you build a paradise on your own property. We sit and listen to your thoughts and desires to come up with a plan together that fits your lifestyle.

Close your eyes and envision opening your back door and hearing the trickling of the fountain. You walk along the brick path lit by landscape lights and see the glistening of the freshly watered lawn from the irrigation system. Everything is peaceful and perfect as you walk toward the bench by the playset and smile even more thinking about the padded artificial turf below it that keeps your kids safe. You have Bluegrass to thank for all of it.

How about a pool for hot summer nights?

Do you love entertaining friends and family when the weather is nice? You have realized for quite a while now that you are missing one thing for your annual 4th of July party and that’s a pool. You know that you can create even more wonderful memories for your children as they cool off in the pool. They’ll want to be home more and yours will be the house where the neighborhood friends hang out, giving you peace of mind.

When you want an in-ground, composite fiberglass swimming pool that’s designed to enhance your lifestyle, you can rely on us here at Bluegrass. We don’t just install traditional flat-bottomed, rectangular pools, we add luxury to your life. How about a freeform pool with a built-in spa and an inviting splash pad, or a bold 12x6-foot splash pad and stage with a shallow end step down that offers a full swim channel? We also install pools in various lengths with bench seating and other features that will improve the quality of your life.

Here at Bluegrass, we have proven over the past 30 years that you can be confident in trusting us to transform your life. Your home is one of your biggest investments, so you want to spend more time in it. We are here to help you live beyond your wildest dreams with custom landscape designs, backyard water features, swimming pools, synthetic turf, lighting, and stone walkways. You’ll never want to leave home again.

Bluegrass Incorporated

4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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