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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Time for Spring Clean up!

It's Time for Some Spring Cleaning!

With the 2018 spring season quickly approaching, the spring clean-up process is very important. After receiving a decent amount of snowfall with heavy winds, the winter season created a nightmare for most yards.

It’s very important to start this process early and that is where Blugrass comes in! Whether it’s pruning branches, trimming trees or shrubs, fertilizing or some new mulch we’ll make sure your lawn is off to a healthy start! Bluegrass can also spruce up your beds with some new plants and cutting new, crisp clean edges as well!

Spring Checklist:

  1. Cut back remaining grasses and perennials.

  2. Apply Preen before mulching.

  3. Use the right fertilizer for the right plant.

  4. Create a fresh new edge along all your planting beds.

  5. Use an all bark weed free mulch available only at Bluegrass!

  6. Leave the work to us and call today to schedule your spring work! We can even start up your sprinkler system and service your landscape lights while we are there.

Homeowners Want Unique Front Yards

Unique front yard

According to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Landscaping Trends Survey, homeowners are making significant changes to their front yards, creating landscapes that are distinctly different from neighboring properties.

The study shows that there is an increased interest in low-maintenance and native plants. Also, many homeowners are upgrading to LED lighting due to longer lasting bulbs, energy savings, they instantly turn on and brighter lights.

Do you want to stand out from your neighbors? Do you want your front yard to be more inviting? Let Bluegrass help you design the perfect space you’ve always wanted!

Conceptual Landscaping

Conceptual landscaping

Have all these ideas in your head about what you want your landscape to look like? Make them a reality! Here at Bluegrass we have technicians that work one-on-one with you to create your perfect yard by using conceptual landscaping to show you exactly how the final product will look. Give it a try! Call us at 330-492-8733.

Getting Sprinklers Ready for Spring

irrigating meme

As the temperatures warm and your lawn begins to thaw, let the professionals at Bluegrass Incorporated make sure your sprinkler system is ready for another season of efficient lawn watering. Our technicians check for and replace broken or worn nozzles, valves, pipes and other components. They also verify the controller and water pressure are set correctly. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful results! Our experienced technicians will adjust your heads to find proper coverage and ensure a thriving lawn.

We're the guys you see in the really nice yards | Landscapes, Irrigation, Lighting, Hidden Fences | Bluegrass Inc - 330.492.8733

Harsh Temperatures Brutal to the Landscape

Harsh temperatures

We started off to a very cold 2018 with temperatures in the negatives and wind chills into the deep negatives. This alone will have an ill affect on our landscapes this spring. However to make matters worse is the fact that we just came out of the drought of 2017. The summer of 2017 was one of the driest summers we have ever had and many plants were already showing signs of stress and some death before we even reached the cooling temperatures of fall. We continued the dry conditions straight up through mid December before getting a small amount of rainfall.

The majority of all plants in our Ohio landscape are zoned for Ohio. Cold temperatures alone generally will not cause the death of a plant. Though plants may appear green going into winter, many of these plants are very stressed and lacking moisture needed to get them through until spring. Plants continue to lose moisture through their leaves the entire year. The winter’s cold air and brisk winds can draw what little moisture remains in that plant causing it to die. Once spring arrives it may take a couple weeks of warm weather before you can really be sure the plant is dead. The leaves may appear green simply due to being kept cool over winter similar to how a cut Christmas tree stays green all winter sitting outside but is in fact dead. The needles just have not turned yet.

After a couple weeks of warm weather you will see leaves on evergreens either begin to fall or not. At the same time you should see signs of budding for new leaves for plants that will survive. If you do not see signs of new growth typically by the first of May you probably will not see any at all. You could check the plant by scratching the bark. If there is green under the bark you could attempt to prune the plant back several inches at least to the point of green stems. Pruning will promote growth if there is any life at all. In addition if we have not had spring rains, you will want to water the plant thoroughly as well as apply an appropriate fertilizer. After several weeks if you have still seen no significant growth you’re probably better to cut your losses and start on the restoration process with new plants.

When starting the restoration process do not fear using similar plants. Remember your plants probably were appropriate for Ohio temperatures. They just were not able to handle the temperatures going into winter so dry. Proper watering or automatic irrigation and fertilizing in the summer and fall is one of the most important steps of care you can take in assuring your plants can survive until the following spring. We can help you in deciding the proper plants and care needed to help your landscape flourish in the future. Whether you want advice from our garden center for the do it yourselfer or would rather meet with one of our landscape designers to plan a new landscape we will guide you in the right direction.

Design and Build the Putting Green of Your Dreams!

Many golfers throughout the Ohio area can attest to the fact that their short game suffers during the off-season. Since most courses suspend all operations mid-fall, it’s difficult for golfers to practice effectively until the following spring. To avoid skipping months of practice, residents have started to install artificial grass in their backyard, creating a private golf green that can be used year-round. As an authorized dealer of SYNLawn’s real performing turf, Bluegrass has become an excellent resource for those wanting a reliable putting surface on which to practice their short game.

Those who have had the opportunity to try a SYNLawn putting surface have praised it as being the most realistic artificial grass option on the market. Since this real performing turf was designed to react like natural grass, golfers can look forward to perfecting their technique on a private golf green whenever they have the opportunity. Because of it’s amazing performance and high quality, Bluegrass chose to add SYNLawn as it’s turf of choice for all artificial putting greens.

Not only can we install the putting green of your dreams in your own back yard, but we can also design and build indoor putting greens with holes, bunkers, contours, fringe and collar, etc. just like a real outdoor green! Talk about year-round practice!


Bluegrass is more than just irrigation and lighting. We have a garden center located at 4855 Hills and Dales Rd. NW in Canton. We also offer:

  • Landscape Design & Installation

  • Sprinkler Installation & Service

  • Landscape Lighting Install & Service

  • Patios, Walks & Retaining Walls

  • Drainage

  • Synthetic Turf Installation

  • Water Features, Ponds & Falls

  • Hidden Pet Containment

  • Holiday & Event Lighting

  • And so much more!

Kichler Rewrites the Rules for Integrated LED Technology

Kichler, a leader in innovative lighting, introduces the 12V LED Accent with Variable Lumen Output (VLO), offering more lumen options while carrying less inventory.

The new design will allow you to have three different levels of brightness within the landscape and home that can be changed with a simple touch to create a distinct look to your lighting design. The features include:

  • Three lumen option offered in one fixture

  • Two sizes: small (100, 200 and 300 lumens) and large (400, 600 and 835 lumens)

  • Two color temperatures: 2700K3000K

  • Three beam angles, including 10-degree (spot), 35-degree (flood) and 60-degree (wide flood)

  • 9-15V AC/DC range

  • Advanced built-in surge protection (6000V)

  • Fully sealed to protect against water ingression

  • Cowls, lenses and louver accessories available

  • 15-year warranty

The 12V LED Accent with VLO boasts superior technology and reliability, without compromising the design and aesthetic appearance demanded in a professional landscape product. The fixture family is complete in an Architectural Bronze, Centennial Brass finish and Textured Black or White finish for 35-degree options.

Bluegrass carries all of these different choices so upgrade yours today!

VLO accent light



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