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Northeast Ohio Relies on Bluegrass Incorporated for a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Do you get up early enough to spend a few minutes sipping your coffee or tea on the back patio and listening to the birds chirping? It was perfect a month or so ago after you spent all that time on spring projects in the yard, but you’ve noticed that it still doesn’t have that flare you wanted. It’s pretty, but what about the gurgling of a waterfall into a pond or the quiet hum of the pool filter? Now is the time to give us a call here at Bluegrass Incorporated, as it’s never too late to enjoy the rest of summer with a backyard that makes you fall in love with your house all over again.

How about adding a water feature?

There are numerous psychological benefits to being around water. Having an aesthetically pleasing view can do wonders to your mental well-being, and you want your personal space to reflect the peace that you wish to attain in your life. The outside world can cause a great deal of stress, and we can bring the comforting sanctuary that you imagined to life.

Imagine putting a pond in the corner near your deck so that you can hear the trickle of the rock waterfall. That’s what we’re here for. To make sure your private oasis lives up to your expectations. We recently installed a dolphin fountain, which made us and our client extremely happy.

We create custom landscape designs according to your exact wishes — including permanent EverLights LED decorative lighting, landscape lighting, irrigation systems, and all the plants and flowers to make your yard as beautiful as you desire. Do you want foliage that attracts butterflies? We got you. Do you want foliage that is bright and colorful specifically in the spring or summer? Our experts make that a reality.

Each project begins by sitting down with our professional landscape team after they have analyzed your space’s topography, drainage, irrigation, and existing features, like trees, walkways, and fences. Together, we go through what you would like added or taken away so that you can envision the gorgeous results. Maybe you’ll want landscape lighting along the stone path, or maybe you want a pet fence surrounding the flower beds so the dogs cannot go into them. We can accommodate nearly anything that you request.

You’ll never have to leave when you have a swimming pool!

Have you always dreamed of having a pool in your backyard so that you can take a midnight dip before turning in? Perhaps you want to be able to throw pool parties this summer or create a happy place where the kids love hanging out. You want them at your house instead of wondering where they are all summer. In-ground, fiberglass pools provide years of memories and laughter. We install them with the latest technology for durability and entertainment that will last.

Prefer Low-maintenance, pet-friendly landscaping?

If you would rather spend your precious time with your family and friends instead of using it to manicure your lawn, we have the perfect solution for you with synthetic grass. It will also save you money on lawn equipment upkeep and the water necessary to keep it lush and green.

The benefits of artificial turf will astound you. Consider never again having to use fertilizer on brown spots created by dog urine or filling in holes that your beloved pet made when digging. You won’t have to worry about red thread and other diseases that can invade your lawn; it will always be lush and green. If you have kids, you can even install a padded playground surface underneath their playset. It’s approved for falls up to 10-feet, which is one of the most common injuries on playgrounds.

Here at Bluegrass, we can help create a peaceful atmosphere while you sip your coffee in the mornings. With calming lights around the stone path and the trickle of the pond, you’ll love sipping your wine in the evenings so much that you’ll have to force yourself to go to bed. During the day, you’ll just lay on a raft in the pool while the kids and dogs frolic around you. What a life!

Bluegrass Incorporated

4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW

Canton, Ohio 44708



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